Stefen Koubi

Stefen Koubi
DDS, DEA, PhD, Associate Professor

School of Dentistry, Marseille University, France

Prof. Stefen Koubi graduated from Marseille University School of Dentistry, France, in 1998 and worked till 2001, as a Clinical Assistant in the Department of Stomatology at Louis Mourier hospital in Paris. In June 2001, he obtained his DEA diploma and doctorate degree in dental surgery and in 2004 a university diploma in oral implantology. He obtained his PhD in 2011. Currently he is an Associate Professor in the department of Conservative Odontology at the University of Marseille, School of Dentistry. He has a private practice in Marseille and Paris and he is the founder of “L'Institut de la Facette”, a private training center established in 2013 mainly focusing on porcelain laminate veneers and minimally invasive rehabilitation of worn dentitions. Pro. Koubi has lectured extensively and is the author of various national and international publications and reports.

From Dogma to Everyday Dentistry in the Aesthetic Zone: Ingredients and Recipes from No Prep to Prepless

Restoring tooth in the esthetic zone is a daily challenge. The issue is to predict the final result specially the color balance with the adequate value. Many parameters are concerned (choice of ingot, thickness of the prep, choice of resin cement, color of the substrate…). The aim of this lecture is to present recipes when playing with crown, laminate veneer or no prep restoration suggesting a detailed clinical protocol according to the clinical situation.

Both of these topics should not be addressed in an artistic way, since it is quite impossible to fit within everyday dentistry work; nevertheless, they can be worked out in a predictable way. Style Italiano indirect philosophy will be highlighted in this lecture.

Worn Dentition in the Everyday Practice: The Full Mock Up Concept

In the last fifteen years, partial bonded restorations have become the most esthetic, biologic and biomechanical solution for restoring dental defects and imitating the natural dentition. In parallel, materials, techniques and concepts have also evolved to offer a contemporary treatment to our patients. Dental manufacturers offer good products that should be used following a meticulous methodology in order to propose solutions to the restorative dentist. The aim of this presentation is to suggest a simple way of working and thinking that can be summarized in 3 key words: simple, teachable and repeatable. Laminate veneer will be presented as a versatile tool to solve both cosmetic and functional problems in worn dentitions. In both instances, we follow the same philosophy (minimal invasive approaches), bonded materials (CAD CAM material, press material), concept (visualization, validation, navigation through the mock up) and clinical procedure (prep design, temporization, and cementation).

In addition, the latest material development and their selection according to esthetic, functional and financial requirement will be explained.