Sleiman Razzouk

Sleiman Razzouk

Adjunct Faculty, New York University College of Dentistry

Dr Razzouk graduated from Saint Joseph University and New York University. He earned a PhD degree from the University of Paris VII, followed by post-doctoral fellowship and teaching at the University of Texas, Houston and University of Pennsylvania and Mount Sinai Hospital.

Lecture title: Toward Precision Periodontal Therapy: Host Genome, Epigenome and Oral Microbiome Interactions

Lecture abstract: Periodontal diseases are multidimensional and complex. Bacterial content is the initiator, but disease progression depends on genetic and environmental parameters related to the host. Although bone loss magnitude is the common resulting outcome, the biologic process likely represents a unique inflammatory response characteristic to every individual. This presentation provides updated insights on the distinctiveness of inflammation per individual in terms of microbiome and genome specificity. Periodontists should be prepared to incorporate these parameters into their clinical interpretation to advance personalized medicine.