Paul Nahas

Paul Nahas

Lecturer, Department of Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry/ Endodontics, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Lebanese University

Dr. Nahas graduated in 1994 from the Lebanese University, Beirut. Then continued his post-graduate degree in fixed and partial removable prosthodontics in France at the university of Claude Bernard Lyon-I. Received his Doctorate in Odontological Sciences from the Lebanese University in 2018. Ex-chairperson of the Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry department at the Lebanese University, and still practicing exclusively esthetic and restorative dentistry in his own clinic. Currently president of the scientific committee and council member of the Lebanese Dental Association (LDA) in Tripoli.

Lecture title: Success of Bonding Composite to Laser-Treated Dentin

Lecture abstract:Conflicting and limited data is currently available relative to the bond strength of restorative materials to dentin prepared with various techniques. Laser parameters including laser type and energy levels have not been thoroughly investigated and dentists who are using lasers for cavity preparation are short of evidence-based protocols required to achieve satisfactory short- and long-term clinical outcomes of composite restorations. Therefore, the aims of this lecture is to demonstrate the use of parameters of Erbium lasers that would yield to optimal bonding strength of composite. And to prove the longevity of composite restoration when subjected to laboratory artificial aging.