Patrizio Bortolus

Economics studies at University of Trieste, actually attending Executive MBA at MIB in Trieste

CEO Saratoga Dental, Italy

Mr .Bortolus is the Chief Executive Officer of Saratoga S.p.a, where he is involoved in business development, long term strategy development and finance department supervision. He is an expert in dental ergonomics and clinic health management.

Lecture title: Designing a New Workflow for Clinic Health Management

Lecture abstract: 

Modern clinics are facing one of the biggest changes ever into dental field such as the introduction of digital scanners and an increasing patient awareness. Yet both workflow and ergonomics need to be redesigned to achieve the highest level of efficiency and protection from cross contamination. Moreover, a new way of collaborating between dentists and nurses can bring any clinic to maximize their performances either in terms of quality being delivered to patients, safety for everybody or productivity.

Some of the most common challenges faced by dental offices are:

  • Supply management and inventory
  • Standardized Systems for Delivery
  • Staff motivation and training
  • Technology Integration

This lecture offers a variety of real-world solutions geared at streamlining organization and removing the bottle-necks that slow production, create stress and impact performance.

During this course you will learn:

  • The importance of addressing ergonomics, hygiene and organization from a different perspective
  • A step-by-step protocol to redesign your clinic workflow     

How to increase ergonomics and productivity