Nadwa Chatila

Nadwa Chatila

Lecturer, Department of Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Radiology, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Lebanese University

Dr. Nadwa Chatila got a Bachelor of Sciences in Earth and Life Sciences in 2009 later recieving a Master 1 in Biology in 2010 from the Faculty on Sciences in the Lebanese University.

She graduated from the Lebanese University Faculty of Dentistry in 2011, receiving her Diploma as a Dental Surgeon. In 2012, she got a master degree in pharmacology from Auvergne University and in 2015, a DESS in Oral Pathology and Diagnostic Oral medicine, later receiving her PhD in Neuroscience and Odontology in the same year. In 2016, she received a DESS Oral Surgery Diploma.

Dr. Chatila is a Lecturer in Department of Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Radiology, Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Lebanese University and a researcher in INSERM U1107, Neuro-dol, Auvergne University, France.

Lecture title: Facing a Red and White Lesion

Lecture abstract: Oral and pharyngeal cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world. The most frequent tumor is squamous cell carcinomas which represent 95% of oral cancers. It is generally concerned, that epithelial cancer could be predated by a non-invasive lesion. These areas of altered mucosa, described according to their clinical appearances may be a combination of white and red lesion. The disorders of concern are erythroleukoplakia, oral lichen planus and candidiasis. The aim of this presentation is to review the clinical potentially malignant features of red and white lesions and to emphasis on the early signs for diagnosing.