Louis Hardan

Louis Hardan

Associate Professor and Head, Department of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry, Saint-Joseph University

Prof. Hardan is chairperson of the department of restorative and esthetic dentistry at Saint-Joseph University, Beirut-Lebanon. He obtained his dental degree in 1989 and a certificate of basic science in 1993 from Saint Joseph University as well.  He specialized in restorative and esthetic dentistry in 1995, and completed his PhD in oral biology and materials in 2009.  Currently he is an Associate Professor at Saint-Joseph University and maintains a private practice.

He is an honorary and active international Styleitaliano member and the inventor of Smile Lite MDP (Smile Line, Switzerland) and Posterior Misura (LM instrument). He has many international publications and has given several lectures on esthetic, restorative dentistry and mobile dental photography.

Lecture title: Simplified Techniques and Materials to Overcome our Daily Challenge in Direct Composite Restorations

Lecture abstract: Since their introduction in the 1970s, light‐activated resin composites have shown many shortcomings such as poor wear resistance, poor dentin marginal adaptation, problems of shade matching in esthetic cases and mainly polymerization shrinkage. With the new generation of composites, most of those problems are solved. The aim of this lecture is to develop the optimal choice of composites and adhesive systems. It will also overview the novelties in restorative materials (low shrinkage composites) and dental technologies. Several clinical cases will be presented, showing how to perform esthetic composite restorations from simple to complex cases using simplified and repeatable techniques.