Elie Maalouf

Elie Maalouf

Assistant Professor, Department of Periodontology, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Lebanese University

Dr Maalouf received his dental degree (DCD) from the Saint-Joseph University in Beirut in 1985. He obtained a (CES-A) in Oral Biology and a (CES-B) in Prosthodontics and Periodontics Paris VII France and a Doctorate in Odontological Sciences (DSO) from the Lebanese University.

Currently, he is Assistant professor at the Department of Peiodontology at the Lebanese University and director of Post Graduate Program at the same department.

He is also an ITI Fellow member and Former president of Lebanese Dental Association. He has a several publications and he has lectured at national and international scientific events.

Lecture title: 3D Reconstruction of Horizontal Ridge Deficiency: Techniques and Approaches

Lecture abstract: Following tooth extraction, trauma, periodontal / endodontic disease, most patients present with tissue deficiencies.

Tissue deficiencies include deficits of soft tissue (alveolar mucosa) and/or hard tissue (alveolar bone).  Alveolar ridge defects can be categorized as horizontal, vertical and combination defects. Without careful consideration and proper treatment planning, hard and/or soft tissue defects may lead to functional, structural, or esthetic compromises in the final prosthesis.

With different ridge augmentation techniques, can we prevent these esthetic and functional complications?

In this presentation, we will present a clinically relevant implant-driven classification of the alveolar ridge width, with the goal to help clinicians to choose the proper ridge augmentation technique.

Treatment management strategies of the horizontally collapsed ridges, especially the ridge-split approach, will be discussed using well supported references and clinical examples of treated cases. Comparison and advantages of different techniques will be presented.