Bilal Omarjee

Bilal Omarjee

Private Practice

Dr. Omarjee is a dental surgeon, he received the DES and DESCB degrees from Pitié-Salpêtrière University in Paris and other degrees (DU) in the fields of Anatomy, Implant Surgery and Medical Expertise.

Title: Vertical and Main Horizontal Ridge Augmentation: Which Biomaterials in 2019?

Abstract: Advanced ridge horizontal more than 4 mm, as well as vertical increases remain a challenge in pre-implant surgery.

Faced with the different techniques and the plethora of biomaterials in pre-implant surgery, the surgeon must follow decision-making pathways.

This reasoned choice of the biomaterial will allow the surgeon to push the limits of the guided bone regeneration.  Nowadays, slowly resorbable cortical membrane, known as Lamina, in formwork techniques will allow us augmentations so far only possible with autogenous bone.

Workshop title: Implant Retained Digital Dentistry